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Welcome to the SHU Staff Remote Desktop Service

Click the button to connect to the Remote Desktop service.


    If you have installed Java 7 update 51 you may find that the Staff Remote Desktop no longer connects. This is because the Java client is blocked from running. To see instructions on how to resolve this issue click the link below.

    Allowing Java to run for the website

    As of Java 7 update 51, the Staff Remote Desktop will not automatically connect without some changes to the Java security settings.

    Open the Java Control Panel. On Windows this is located in Control Panel, accessed through your Start Menu; on 64-Bit Windows it is C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin\javacpl.exe and on Mac OSX it is located in System Preferences.

    Select the Security Tab and then select Edit Site List....

    Click Add.

    Type in and then click OK, and OK again.

Getting IT Help

    24-7 IT Help is available by phone on +44 (0)114 225 3333 to support use of IT at SHU, including accessing systems when you are off-campus. You can also email This mailbox is managed during office hours.

Using this service

    If you are having problems accessing this service you may need to check the following:-

  • This service requires Java - you can test your browser
  • If not you should install Java
  • Using Internet Explorer 9, 10 or 11

    When using Internet Explorer 9, 10 or 11 you may see an error message, saying that Java is not installed. If Java is installed then you will need to enable Compatibility View.

    In Internet Explorer click Tools - Compatibility View.

    Or click the Compatiblity View button on the Address Bar.

  • Adding to Trusted Sites

    You may need to add as a trusted site in your browser.

    In Internet Explorer go to Tools - Internet Options - Security tab.

    Add as a trusted site.

  • Cookies Enabled

    You may need to add enable cookies

    In Internet Explorer go to Tools - Internet Options - Privacy tab.

    Click on sites and type in and click allow

    The domain should appear in the list, press ok twice now to come out of the options

Important Information

  • Losing work

    Closing your browser without closing down any programs you are running will result in losing any work which you have not saved.
  • Help and Information

    Instructions (opens in a new window)
  • Printing

    For printing you will need a PDF reader